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Regency After Dark

This page shows all of the sexy After Dark titles written by Alicia Quigley.

Another popular version of the romance novel enlivens the historical setting by featuring the sexual relationship between the hero and heroine as central to the story.  The passion felt by the hero and heroine for each other is epic, and controls their feelings and actions.   The men are aggressively masculine, sexually voracious, extremely experienced, and skilled in providing pleasure.  The women are sometimes inexperienced, or sometimes their prior partner has been unskilled and unconcerned with their feelings, both emotional and physical.   The heroine discovers her true sensuality for the first time, and is enthralled by the gratification that she obtains in her lover’s arms.  A   firestorm of desire consumes them both, and they engage in frequent, and often very creative and somewhat kinky encounters.  The level of uncontrollable passion is so high that it renders the pair vulnerable and uncomfortable, and that is reflected in what amounts to a sexual power struggle, which forms a theme that runs through the story and drives the plot.    The After Dark novels tell a story of romance and love, but use that story to provide the characters a stage for the development and resolution of their passionate and stormy relationship.


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