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Tales of and updates connected to the Ladies of A Heyer Love. Character information, author updates, glimpes of life in Regency London, and general happiness.

Kerfuffles and Confusion

Alicia Quigley

My dear lovely readers,

It's recently come to my atention that the blurbs for my books are a tad confusing and some readers have purchased "A Most Unusual Situation" AND "London's Latest Rage" or "A Duchess Enraged" expecting them to be completely different stories. I apologize for any confusion.

The intent behind multiple versions of the SAME story is not to confuse or cheat my readers. Heavens, no! I love my readers and want to provide enjoyable stories for all. That is the reason for the multiple versions. 

Some readers prefer not to hear about the more "amorous" adventures of characters in stories. For them, I offer the Traditional Version: Sweet romance and no sex.

Others like some sex, typically "vanilla" in variety, and for them I offer the Modern Version. 

Still others enjoy characters who engage in physical adventures that are wilder than most. The After Dark Version is written to satisfy their desires.

Today, I've modified the blurbs to add a first-line caveat that hopefully clears up the confusion.

Again, I sincerely apologize for any confusion this caused. 

On a brighter note, I expect my next release to be available late the month/early April. The characters are different, the story is new, but there will still be three versions to match the sensibilities of my readers.

Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!