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Tales of and updates connected to the Ladies of A Heyer Love. Character information, author updates, glimpes of life in Regency London, and general happiness.

A Little Spring Cleaning

Alicia Quigley

Hello my dears,

I wanted to update you on a couple small changes here at A Heyer Love, both the website and my writing. Never fear! I'm not fleeing to the Continent or any such thing; I'm merely putting things in better order for us all.

You'll see that the Homepage looks a wee bit different and, if you search my titles on Amazon, that one is missing. What's missing? you may ask. I shan't make you go see for yourself (though please do, if you've a mind to it). I've removed the "Modern Regency Romance" category from the Homepage and taken its lone book, "London's Latest Rage", down from Amazon.

Why am I going on about it? Simply, my dears; I abhor changes of this sort when not accompanied by an explanation. It sets the more imaginative among us (myself included) to thoughts of conspiracies. While it may be fun to write them (thank you, Lady Manning) it's not fun, for me at least, to think that I'm the victim of one.  That said, I prefer transparency, whenever possible, with regard to such matters.

You see, dears, I listen to you; your suggestions and your opinions. And yes, those that are expressed by your purchasing choices, too. Over the past two months (has it really only been that long since we started together?!), I've noticed that some of you were a bit confused by my unorthodox manner of publishing. Quite understandable, since it's not often done this way.

I want to give all of you a chance to read at your comfort levels. If you don't want what my lovely sister calls WHML (wet hot monkey lovin') then why should you be forced to skip over such parts in a story you might otherwise enjoy? Likewise, if you're a fan of a little WHML (I promise I won't tell your Mum - or your kids, dears!), why give up such delights when you can have them?

However, having "Traditional" (no sex), "Modern" (some sex) and "After Dark" (more detailed sex) didn't quite work the way I'd intended. The "Modern" book, it seems, generated two things that became quite noticeable to me:

1) Confusion amongst my dear readers. Some told me that the heat level between Modern and After Dark (or AD, as I call it) wasn't as striking as I'd intended and that the stories were too similar. Granted, each version is a retelling of the same story, but I was aghast when I saw that some of my readers thought I was deliberately trying to confuse them. Perish the thought! Without you, my dears, I'd have to give up writing!

2) Lack of sales. You are, my dears, imminently practical and I love you for it. Allegra's Traditional story (A Most Unusual Situation) and her AD story (A Duchess Enraged) are your favorites, if one is to judge by numbers alone. One doesn't, of course, see #1 above. However, her Modern tale (London's Latest Rage) didn't seem to excite anyone to anything other than confusion, again see #1.

One couldn't consider oneself (as one does) to be an astute woman capable in the matters of business if one didn't notice both of these items and do something about it.

I am prattling on now, forgive me, do. I want to let you know, my dears, that henceforth, beginning with my soon-to-be-published The Secret Bluestocking (Traditional) and its yet-to-be-titled twin, the AD version, there will only be two versions of my heroines' stories. Traditional will remain without WHML and AD will satisfy those who like WHML. Pray forgive me for the earlier confusion, won't you?

Speaking of the yet-to-be-titled After Dark version of The Secret Bluestocking... My dears, I've yet to choose a title! Would you care to lend a hand? If you suggest the perfect  title, I shall give you a copy of the book (Kindle e-book) as a token of my gratitude. I would so love to hear your ideas! I'll be taking suggestions here or via Twitter (@QuigleyAlicia) until Saturday, May 10.

Be good to yourselves, my dears! You the only you you've got!