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Tales of and updates connected to the Ladies of A Heyer Love. Character information, author updates, glimpes of life in Regency London, and general happiness.

Summer Lovin' Havin' a Blast

Alicia Quigley

Celebrate Summer Lovin' with a free book!

The next lyric in this popular song mentions how summer passes so fast. In a way, I suppose that's true. Technically, time passes the same in sunny August as it does in frigid February, but it seems like it goes by faster in the summer.

I'm most definitely a "glass half full" kinda gal, unless it's a good red, in which case I'm a "where's my refill?" woman. :) With that in mind, I prefer to think of how many wonderful days of summer fun we have left, instead of bemoaning the fact that it's almost over.

In an effort to, literally, share the summer love, I'm doing the following promotion for the month of August:

Send me your receipt for my latest book The Contraband Courtship or the first book in that series, A Collector's Item, and I will send you a free copy of any one of my books. Please send to:

"But wait!" I hear some of you saying. "I use Kindle Unlimited. Can I get in on the summer love?"

Absolutely! Instead of a purchase receipt, send me a picture of my book cover on your device (or a screenshot if you read from your computer).

When you send your receipt/screenshot, please tell me which book you would like for free and I'll send it to you.

Enjoy the summer!