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This is the home page for author Alicia Quigley. You can click to see the books she's written, her blog, and other interesting items about Regency England.

       Traditional Regency Books

       Traditional Regency Books

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      Regency After Dark Books

Georgette Heyer’s writing career spanned over five decades, during which she published dozens of works of romantic and mystery fiction. They all typically included a dose of humor; amusing drawing room comedy involving the upper middle and upper classes in romantic entanglements was central to all of her works, with the exception of a handful that were primarily historical fiction.  However, her writing completely omitted one element which is important to most contemporary romance novels placed in a historical setting: sex.

In spite of the absence of all literary titillation, Heyer’s novels remain popular to this day, in my opinion because of the humor, historical detail which allows one to really imagine the scene, and because we all love a love story.  

A Heyer Love takes a unique approach to publishing romance fiction. I start with one story and offer readers two versions of that story: A truly Heyer-esque version called "Traditional" with no sex and a sexy "After Dark" version that explores the more erotic side of my characters' relationships. It's my hope that readers will appreciate the opportunity to follow my heroines and heroes in a way that appeals to their own sensibilities.