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Traditional Regency

This page shows all of the sweet Traditional titles written by Alicia Quigley.


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“No Sex Please, We’re Georgette Heyer Fans.” Georgette Heyer’s writing career spanned over five decades, during which she published dozens of works of romantic and mystery fiction. They all typically included a dose of humor; amusing drawing room comedy involving the upper middle and upper classes in romantic entanglements was central to all of her works, with the exception of a handful that were primarily historical fiction.  However, her writing completely omitted one element which is important to most contemporary romance novels placed in a historical setting: sex. 


There are numerous allusions to sex in the form of references to the activities of various rakes, Corinthians and libertines (in the case of men), as well as opera dancers “high flyers,”  “barques of frailty” and “soiled doves” (women).  But, while there are a few kisses, always in the final pages, no one actually engages in sexual activity in Heyer’s books.  Most of the romances involve courtship of unmarried couples who barely touch one another off the dance floor; in “The Convenient Marriage,” Marcus, the Earl of Rule, and Horatia are married, but you have to read carefully to come to the conclusion that they are actually having marital relations.


In spite of the absence of all literary titillation, Heyer’s novels remain popular to this day, in my opinion because of the humor, historical detail which allows one to really imagine the scene, and because we all love a love story.


So be warned, this version of these novels will be faithful to our literary preceptress by leaving the physical relationships of the characters up to your imagination.   But I do try to provide humor, good plots, historical and costume detail, and a good read!